Friday, July 31, 2009

Life in Layers

"Life in Layers"
(new poster, same event!)

You're all cordially invited to Foufounes Electriques for my latest vernissage on the afternoon of August 30th from 4 pm to 8 pm. After having put together 4 different expo's this year with varying combinations of my work, I'm bringing everything out to Foufs and hanging it there from August 30th to October 3rd.

This show is the biggest I've done to date and it's also the one I'm the most proud of. Having seen very talented artists show their stuff at Foufs month after month for years, it's an honor for me to be on their walls.

Keep in mind that most of my newest stuff is not posted here since I wanted to keep a few surprises for the people who make it out...

Also, just to keep things interesting... I will be raffling off one of my pieces on the 30th!

So come and have a drink and hang out... Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

The Road Home

"The Road Home"
May 2009
18" X 36"
Spray Paint on Canvas

Here's a picture I took the last time I went back to my home town of Levis. There isn't much story to this one except that this is the view that tells me I'm home after a 3 hour car ride. I'm always happy to see these highway signs after the mind numbing trip down bland Highway 20. This painting is one of the most realistic ones I've made and making the 4 layer stecncils for it took me the most time of any painting I've done to date.


I have a new website!!
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Thank you!!

"Trainspotting" May 2009 30" X 36" Spray Paint on Canvas

A mindblowing novel made into an equally impressive movie, Trainspotting is something everyone should experience. I strongly suggest reading the novel to get the full experience Irvine Welsh provided. The book is phonetically written in the slang of Scottish slums and requires a lot of concentration in the beginning (even out loud reading at times) but anyone who pushes past that will be greatly rewarded with insanely colorful charcters and unimaginable twists.

Aesop Rock

"Aesop Rock"
March 2009
30" X 36"
Spray Paint on Canvas
Aesop Rock is one of my favorite artists of all time. He's a rapper from New York with a style so unique and multi-layered that it's almost impossible to describe. Mixing a deep-voiced melodic delivery and a combination of internal rhymes and verbal imagery, he brings to hip hop music something that has never been seen and will take a long time to duplicate or even come close to. He's now residing in San Francisco and collaborating with talented visual artist Jeremy Fish. Find out more about Aesop Rock here or from his label's website

I unfortuately don't know who to credit for the original picture.