Thursday, December 17, 2009

La Meme Affaire. Sauf... Genre... Pas Pareil.

La Meme Affaire. Sauf... Genre... Pas Pareil.

Il me fait enormement plaisir de vous inviter Chez Baptiste [1045 Mt. Royal Est] le 3 janvier 2010 pour ma plus recente expo. Je vous accueillerai a partir de 17h.

Une fois que vous aurez fini de faire le tour de vos familles pis que ce sera le temps de commencer a briser vous nouvelles resolutions... pourquoi pas venir faire un tour faire ca entoure de nouvelles peintures que je m'efforce de terminer d'ici la... deal?

Vous en avez deja vu sur mon blog... croyez moi... une photo de 3-4 pouces ne rend pas justice a une peinture de 3-4 pieds... et il y aura du nouveau egalement!

Alors au plaisir de vous voir la face et celle de vos amis le 3!

Clickez ICI pour inviter vos amis via l'evenement facebook.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Self Portrait

November 2009
24" X 36"
Acrylics and Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

Ok. I've decided to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself with something new. So I threw some acrylics around and then stencilled over them. Here's the result!

The original picture is one I took of myself while I was in Vancouver. I spent a month out there in 2006 and I've always wanted to go back since and strongly suggest that city to anyone and everyone, Canadian or not.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Le Metro

"Le Metro"
November 2009
30" X 40"
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

There really isn't any background story here... This is a picture I took on the metro... I was afraid there might be too many details for stencilling but it looks like all has worked out in the end. This has become one of the most intricate pieces I've done to date and I'm very happy with how it turned out. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Decover Magazine

Decover Mag

The good people at Decover Magazine were nice enough to offer me a 2 page spot (pages 24 &25) in their Issue #2... Click here for their excellent website and then all you need to do is click on the "virtual magazine" link to check it out! It's also available in large printed format in select Montreal spots... see their website for details.

With the level of artwork featured... it's a real honor to be in there!

In the future, keep an eye out for Decover Magazine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


August 2009
24" X 30" (per panel)
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

A few summers ago The Roots came through Montreal to bless the stage as the opening act to a very late Erykah Badu who almost didn't even make it. The upside was that The Roots were asked to stick around and fill some stage time while we waited and so they did and provided an unplanned extra hour of magic.

This drunk picture is really blurry and I love it because of it... don't ask.

The painting is 8 feet wide in total and looks weird from close up but comes to life the more you back up from it... I was afraid that people wouldn't see it was a band, let alone which band, until a friend told me without knowing: "I really like the one of The Roots in the corner." Fear aborted.

Enjoy: Racines!

Monday, October 26, 2009

3 X Def

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3 X Def
July - August 2009
60" X 30" (per panel)
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

Here's the biggest project I've done to date... there isn't much to say about it... the orignial picture is a Triple 5 Soul add from the late 90's early 00's that i really liked. Mos Def has always kept things interesting and for this he will always be in my list of favorite artists.

These 3 pieces are too big to hang in my appartment (the photo above is photoshop magic...) so I was super excited to see them finally hanging next to one another at Foufounes Electriques for the whole of September after staring at them in a dusty corner for almost 2 months.

Derby Girl

I have a new website!!
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Thank you!!

"Derby Girl"
June 2009
30" X 40"
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

There's a crazy phenomenon that goes on just 2-3 blocks away from my place on Saturdays during the Montreal Summer: Roller Derby!

Yes... it's coming right back... actually... it's safe to say that's it's been coming back and that now it IS back.

These events attracts all kinds of people who like beer, girls crashing into each other and other such fun-ness... Many photos are taken and I've used one of them I've found on the web to make this painting.

After some research and web-use I've found out that the girl in the picture is Dolly Destructo. She plays for the Chicks Ahoy in the Toronto Roller Derby circuit...

Also, I've found out that the photographer is Nicolas Charest and that he's not mad at me for using his photo without permission... now if only more people could put aside their ego's like that we'd all be doing much better. His website is

I enjoy this one a lot... and as an added bonus, it's appeared in the Hour Hitlist and will be included in a 2 page spread of my stuff in Decover Magazine Issue #2 out October 30th and availale for free in many Montreal spots.

Ok... enough name dropping...

Turn Off the X-Box

"Turn off the X-Box"
October 2009
24" X 48"
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

First of all: My parents are awesome. For my 30th they decided to have me make a custom piece for them. Obviously I accepted. Here's the result of two grown men still down to go play in the snow instead of couch potato'ing it up, a third grown man who still takes pictures of everything, and very supportive parents.

I invite anyone and everyone to put down to remote control, the joystick, controller pad, etc. and step outside for a moment... you won't regret it... I promise.

Original picture by Michael Berrigan AKA Geezer Manner.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Life in Layers

"Life in Layers"
(new poster, same event!)

You're all cordially invited to Foufounes Electriques for my latest vernissage on the afternoon of August 30th from 4 pm to 8 pm. After having put together 4 different expo's this year with varying combinations of my work, I'm bringing everything out to Foufs and hanging it there from August 30th to October 3rd.

This show is the biggest I've done to date and it's also the one I'm the most proud of. Having seen very talented artists show their stuff at Foufs month after month for years, it's an honor for me to be on their walls.

Keep in mind that most of my newest stuff is not posted here since I wanted to keep a few surprises for the people who make it out...

Also, just to keep things interesting... I will be raffling off one of my pieces on the 30th!

So come and have a drink and hang out... Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

The Road Home

"The Road Home"
May 2009
18" X 36"
Spray Paint on Canvas

Here's a picture I took the last time I went back to my home town of Levis. There isn't much story to this one except that this is the view that tells me I'm home after a 3 hour car ride. I'm always happy to see these highway signs after the mind numbing trip down bland Highway 20. This painting is one of the most realistic ones I've made and making the 4 layer stecncils for it took me the most time of any painting I've done to date.


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"Trainspotting" May 2009 30" X 36" Spray Paint on Canvas

A mindblowing novel made into an equally impressive movie, Trainspotting is something everyone should experience. I strongly suggest reading the novel to get the full experience Irvine Welsh provided. The book is phonetically written in the slang of Scottish slums and requires a lot of concentration in the beginning (even out loud reading at times) but anyone who pushes past that will be greatly rewarded with insanely colorful charcters and unimaginable twists.

Aesop Rock

"Aesop Rock"
March 2009
30" X 36"
Spray Paint on Canvas
Aesop Rock is one of my favorite artists of all time. He's a rapper from New York with a style so unique and multi-layered that it's almost impossible to describe. Mixing a deep-voiced melodic delivery and a combination of internal rhymes and verbal imagery, he brings to hip hop music something that has never been seen and will take a long time to duplicate or even come close to. He's now residing in San Francisco and collaborating with talented visual artist Jeremy Fish. Find out more about Aesop Rock here or from his label's website

I unfortuately don't know who to credit for the original picture.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eyes to the Front

Eyes to the Front

Hello all! It is with tremendous pleasure that I bring to you my most recent art expo. This time around, I am taking my stuff to NDG, more specifically, Sub V.

Sub V has been around for quite some time now, supporting local, as well as international urban artists and providing them with not only quality supplies, but a quality space in which to showcase their art. Putting on monthly shows, many Montreal artists have filled their walls, from old schooler Timer to the amazing Monk.e to mention a few.

This June, I'm honored to have been given a chance to display my most recent stencil work there and would like to invite anyone and everyone who may be interested to come share some wine, cheese, laughs and maybe even a little networking.

Look forward to seeing all of you there!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inspecteur Epingle Show

Inspecteur epingle Show

It is with great (last minute) pleasure that I invite you all to my current art expo.

Having been asked to put this on 2 weeks before hand, I didn't have time to prepare and host a vernissage or to make this a big event but my artwork will nonetheless be on display at Inspecteur Epingle (4051 St-Hubert, corner Duluth) for the next 4-5 weeks.

Always hard at work, I've been able to produce about a dozen new pieces worth seeing since my expo last February so if you've seen that one, you may still want to drop by for a look see... and if you missed the first one... well then it's all new for you!

No rush since there's no event planned and I have at least 2 more month long shows planned in June and September, but if ever you're in the neighborhood... go check it out!

Pictured above is my most recent piece: The Road Home.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Kid

"The Kid"
March 2009
20" X 24"
Spray Paint on Wood

On March 20th 2009, Off The Hook, a Montreal clothing store hosted it's latest Munny Show. The event showcased a variety of Munny toys customized in various styles by local artists and the theme this time was "Montreal."

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, the organizer also invited artists to showcase other types of artwork that was Montreal related. Not having time to create my own Munny toy, I felt it would be fitting to pay tribute to what Montreal meant for me during the first 22 years of my life (before moving here): The Expos.

This is a painting of Gary Carter I made this week and I believe it displays exactly the undying love Montreal fans have for their players. The Montreal fans are like no others and I still get a little nostalgic whenever I see people sporting Expos hats and jerseys many years after their sad departure to Washington.

This is a shot of Tim Barnard at the Munny Show. He's an amazing artist who I was happy to catch up with since I had not seen him in a long time. We met in 2005 when he designed the artwork for my old band's 2nd album. I'm always happy to promote him any way I can.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


March 2009
16" X 12"
Spray Paint on Wood

I would like everyone to meet Zack.

A good friend from work asked me to paint his nephew so he could offer it to his brother as a gift. There isn't much background story to this painting but I really like how it turned out. I also have a feeling that in 15-20 years there will be some talk about this kid in the papers, on the net, on the news thing we haven't invented yet... most likely basketball or football or new-ball-sport-we've-never-heard-of related talk... something about it being "Miller Time" again at a time when 80's slogans will have made a second come back already (MJ?)... Good luck kid!

Since I've made reference to it... internet law says I must link to it... so here you go!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll Set Fire to the Sky

"I'll Set Fire to the Sky"

February 2009
48" X 24"
Spray Paint on Canvas

Bigger isn't always better...

That being said, at 4 feet tall, this piece of Buck 65 is the biggest I've done to date. The quote is from the song "50 Gallon Drum" off the album Talking Honky Blues. Dark and heavy piano notes, black-and-white photograph one-liners and minimal everything else, I believe this is Stinkin' Rich at his best.

The original picture is stolen from the internet. If I knew who it was by I would gladly credit him or her, but I unfortunately don't.

This has already been mentioned in a previous post, but click here to find out more about Buck 65. I personally believe he is an artist who will never be recognized aptly while in his prime but will have masses of fans catching up to his unique genius much later.

A special thanks goes out to the girl from the art store for lying to her boss for me and confirming incorrect pricing (which was full-on accurate) and allowing me to save 50% on this gigantic canvas... word up!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


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February 2009
24" X 12"
Spray Paint on Wood


Truth be told, I was not a fan of Johnny Cash before seeing Walk the Line and I can't really say I am one now either. There are a few songs of his that I really enjoy but the majority of his work doesn't really speak to me. I like the idea of 'The Man in Black' and feel his weathered face exhibits someone who has been able to survive his own self-destruction.

Click here to find out more about Johnny Cash.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


January 2009
12" X 36"

Ross Campbell is a man I've never met personally, but he's nonetheless someone I find incredibly inspirational, and so should you.

Being a ski patroller for ten years, he has always been there to help ski and snowboard enthusiasts enjoy their favorite pass-time safely, but that was only the beginning. Later on, he and his team's mission was to seek and discover new areas to ride as well as make sure they were safe enough, so, in reality, he was risking his life to push the boundaries of the sport he loved.

In March 2007, disaster struck when he was crushed under what on-lookers described as "a wall of snow" and thrown off a 40-meter cliff. Miraculously alive, the multiple injuries he suffered included a cracked skull, a broken neck and ribs as well as many other less serious inflictions. Soon after being rescued by friends and rushed to the hospital, his slow and steady recovery began. His head secured by a metallic halo, he kept a positive attitude throughout and the love and support of friends and family helped him regain full physical capacity in time to walk down the aisle, barefooted, the following winter. This is more than remarkable for a man who, doctors have said, shouldn't have survived such an accident, let alone walk again.

The short, intense series of events this man has been through since that fateful winter day displays perfectly how fragile life is and yet, how incredibly strong and resilient human beings can be when faced with the unthinkable and surrounded by those close to them.

In order to share Ross' survival story, I've made a painting in his honor. It was unveiled for the first time on February 3rd, at Casa Del Popolo. The original picture was taken by Ross' brother in law and close friend of mine, Michael Berrigan.

Click here to be redirected to the original article from the Canmore Leader, dated April 4th, 2007.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blanc Sablon

Blanc Sablon
January 2009
18" X 24"

Honestly, I've had the immense privilege of having been surrounded by exceptional people for as long as I can remember. Growing up, day-to-day, you have no idea of how special your friends are until they show you (and what makes them so special is that they don't do it on purpose, it's a side-effect). Another (unfortunate) side-effect of being surrounded by these people is that they tend to want to change the world and that is not possible without them going away for extended periods.

Safia Genereux-Khali is one of these people. Having traveled to various third world countries in order to offer her own brand of assistance (read: love) as well as grow, herself, as a human being, Safia has never ceased to amaze me and has consistently had more stories to share with me than I've been able to imagine she's experienced.

In one of her latest ventures, she has had to face the cold, bare, isolated city of Blanc Sablon, in the east of Quebec. What makes this venture worth mention, though, is not what she was doing over there (truth be told, it's unclear to me what she went there for, I believe it was for a job opportunity) but the fact that her boyfriend Bahati Kiro, a dedicated Montreal musician, was willing uproot himself and move out there in support of her.

This is something I believe is amazing in itself since, instead of complaining that he was being removed from his comfort zone, he actually used the opportunity to isolate himself and work harder on his music while away from distractions. They are both back in Montreal now. This is a picture of them taken at arm's length by Safia and this is the painting I've made with it. This was my first attempt at stencilling directly on bare wood.


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"SkrambleLock"January 200915" X 30"Canvas

Marc Sakalauskas is a B-Boy who represents a seemingly dying breed: the lockers. For anyone in doubt, locking is the close, often overlooked brother of popping. Many people tend to put both styles together as popping and locking when they're describe what is actually only popping. Combining flexibility, creativity, uptempo explosiveness and funk, locking is still quite alive across the globe and Marc is making Montreal, and Canada very proud. His sick demo reel can be seen here. This is the painting that I've made of him as a custom order. In the piece, ironically, he's pictured doing a freeze, which has nothing to do with locking at all...

Also worth mention: this piece was pictured in the January 29th edition of the Montreal Mirror announcing the Vernissage of February 3rd.



February 2009
20" X 16"
Spray Paint on Wood

An icon for reasons I've never been able to fully comprehend (mostly since I've only read about her and not lived in her era), Marilyn shook up the world and continues to do so via every young blond bombshell who uses her looks and charisma in order to get what she wants.

I can't say I agree with these tactics, but, having used my own charisma to obtain things and favors in the past (as well as the future), I can't really hate. It just seems much harder for men to get away with this... but this is a discussion for a whole other forum.

So in the spirit of getting to the point, here is, without further ado... The All-American girl who bagged Joe DiMaggio and played with Mickey Mantle's emotions: Marilyn Monroe.

I concede to you proactively that this is not the most original subject, but that it was done in a period of boredom and obviously not with revolutionary intentions.

Also, since most people know about Ms. Monroe already, I'd like to take this opportunity to suggest a Mickey Mantle biography written as a novel in a very clever and uncompromising manner. Any fan of baseball, of The Mick, of drinking and women and sex and made up details about other people's lives should read this book. If taken for what it is, a novel, it's a fun time.

Monday, February 2, 2009


February 2009
20" X 24"
Spray Paint on Canvas


The first book I ever read by Charles Bukowski was Hollywood. In hindsight, it wasn't the best to start with when compared to Ham on Rye or Women or Post Office, but then again, the mere fact that it made me want to read much more made it a choice that was just fine in the end.

25+ books later, I guess it's now safe to say he's my favorite writer of all time but I'm still not sure how to explain why... so I won't.

I have been trying to think of a quote of his to add to this painting but haven't been able to find one. Actually, I have found many but haven't been able to decide on one. Maybe it will come to me later on but for now I have decided to leave this piece 99% done for now and move on.

Find out more about Charles Bukowski here.

Monday, January 12, 2009



You are all cordially invited to my first Vernissage happening Tuesday, the 3rd of February at Casa Del Popolo.

It will feature some of the work you've seen here as well as some brand new pieces that will only be visible on site. Aslo, I will be raffling off one or two pieces that are not posted here so this is your chance to not only come support a local artist, but to maybe bring home a little (or big) something...

There will also be a sure to be memorable performance by Toronto Slam Poet Spencer Butt (who's been features in 2 pieces on this blog) as well as a few Montreal artists who will not be any less memorable...

I look forward to seeing all of you who can make it out and send love to those who can't!!

Click here for the facebook event page with all info.

Please note that this flyer was created by Mark Gravel.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mom has a Chest Piece

"Mom has a Chest Piece"
December 2008
14" X 18"

This is a painting of Rachel Tremblay and her daughter. Rachel is a very talented Montreal painter who is also one half of the band August Elliot (the other half being her husband Mitch). I was first introduced to her work via a painting of hers that one of my past room mates had hanging in his room. She has a very distinct style and more of her awesome work can be seen here. Info on her band can be found at here.