Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blanc Sablon

Blanc Sablon
January 2009
18" X 24"

Honestly, I've had the immense privilege of having been surrounded by exceptional people for as long as I can remember. Growing up, day-to-day, you have no idea of how special your friends are until they show you (and what makes them so special is that they don't do it on purpose, it's a side-effect). Another (unfortunate) side-effect of being surrounded by these people is that they tend to want to change the world and that is not possible without them going away for extended periods.

Safia Genereux-Khali is one of these people. Having traveled to various third world countries in order to offer her own brand of assistance (read: love) as well as grow, herself, as a human being, Safia has never ceased to amaze me and has consistently had more stories to share with me than I've been able to imagine she's experienced.

In one of her latest ventures, she has had to face the cold, bare, isolated city of Blanc Sablon, in the east of Quebec. What makes this venture worth mention, though, is not what she was doing over there (truth be told, it's unclear to me what she went there for, I believe it was for a job opportunity) but the fact that her boyfriend Bahati Kiro, a dedicated Montreal musician, was willing uproot himself and move out there in support of her.

This is something I believe is amazing in itself since, instead of complaining that he was being removed from his comfort zone, he actually used the opportunity to isolate himself and work harder on his music while away from distractions. They are both back in Montreal now. This is a picture of them taken at arm's length by Safia and this is the painting I've made with it. This was my first attempt at stencilling directly on bare wood.

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