Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll Set Fire to the Sky

"I'll Set Fire to the Sky"

February 2009
48" X 24"
Spray Paint on Canvas

Bigger isn't always better...

That being said, at 4 feet tall, this piece of Buck 65 is the biggest I've done to date. The quote is from the song "50 Gallon Drum" off the album Talking Honky Blues. Dark and heavy piano notes, black-and-white photograph one-liners and minimal everything else, I believe this is Stinkin' Rich at his best.

The original picture is stolen from the internet. If I knew who it was by I would gladly credit him or her, but I unfortunately don't.

This has already been mentioned in a previous post, but click here to find out more about Buck 65. I personally believe he is an artist who will never be recognized aptly while in his prime but will have masses of fans catching up to his unique genius much later.

A special thanks goes out to the girl from the art store for lying to her boss for me and confirming incorrect pricing (which was full-on accurate) and allowing me to save 50% on this gigantic canvas... word up!

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