Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Expo @ Entre le Cafe et la Plume

Expo @ Entre le Cafe et la Plume
December 2011 - January 2012
123 Av. Mont Royal Ouest, Montreal, QC H2T 2S9

My friends at Entre le Cafe et la Plume were gracious enough to offer me their walls for this month of December going into early January.

Coffee lovers...

Here's a cool new spot at the foot of the mountain that has exactly what you're looking for...
Plus they are the only brewers of Verve coffee in town!
They've been open since the end of the summer and things are booming!
I was lucky enough to be called upon to design their logo and now I've got my creations on their walls... Couldn't be more grateful!

Take a stroll over and say hi!

It's really too bad the law prevents this little one from hanging out in the shop...
She's a heart melter...


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Untitled Skateboard

On Skateboard
23" X 8"
October 2011

What's the visual arts' equivalent to writer's block?
I don't know.
But the way to overcome it is simple enough:

Keep doing stuff...
Even if some of the stuff doesn't really make any sense...
Don't worry... someone else can make sense of what you're doing for you...



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alaclair Ensemble

Alaclair Ensemble
24" X 48"
Spray Paint Stencil'd on Canvas
Done live at Repentigny Festival of Arts

Alaclair Ensemble is a crew of Quebec hip hop all-stars if I've ever seen one. Equipped with a sense of not taking themselves seriously while remaining extremely serious in their work ethic they bring a much needed new sound to the Quebec hip hop scene.

After creating a huge amount of buzz over the past year with participation in various festivals and playing shows all over the province, they come to us now with a Triple Album... think it's too much? Well... they've thought of that too... It's Free!

Get them all by clicking here.

Bump it loud and bump it often... PIU PIU!!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Blu & Exile

Blu & Exile
16" X 7"
Spray paint on cardboard
September 2011

Not available - Given to Blu & Exile

To show my appreciation for their Below the Heavens album [2007] I made portraits of Blu & Exile and gave them to them after their recent Montreal appearance. Actually, in a haze of post show Belmont darkness I handed them both to Exile [didn't really get a chance to explain what they were either] and have no possible way to know if:

1- Blu actually got his...
2- Exile kept his...
3- They thought I was creepy...
4- They know I've just made a list about them...

A good deed is its own reward... or something like that...



Mixed Medium on Recycled Canvas
48" X 24"
July 2011

I used to hate Batman...
Now he's my favorite.
The recent movies had nothing to do with it...
Things change dude.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs
Mixed Medium on Canvas
24" X 30"
July 2011

In 1994, a friend of mine, Tone, and his best friend were in France after a trip to Amsterdam and had some time to kill before their flight home. With them, was a friend whom they brought along from Amsterdam - Mr. Brown - who couldn't make the flight home with them. So they took Mr. Brown for a quick walk to give him a proper send off and then they were off to the movies. They decided to check out a movie from an up and coming American director who had been making a lot of noise in film festivals around the world with his first full length effort: Reservoir Dogs.

Still buzzing from their farewell to Mr.Brown, they sat down and enjoyed the now-classic opening scene for the first time. Immediately after the breakfast discussion about Madonna and tipping and such, once the title came up, Tone's best friend got up, disoriented, and said: "Wow! That was amazing... I definitely got my money's worth with that movie." It was only after Tone explained to him that it had only been 5-10 minutes and that the movie hadn't really started that he sat back down to actually watch the movie.


This brief anecdote, I think, is a great testament to the writor/director work of Quentin Tarantino and his complete mastery of natural dialogue. Anyone who may have tried their hand at writing will agree that natural dialogue is one of the most difficult things to simulate... and Tarantino makes it look easy.

This is my tribute to this classic film.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Cinema du Parc proudly presents:

The Stencil Art of Kevin McDermott

I couldn't be more exicted that Cinema du Parc, the best place to see independent cinema in Montreal will also be, for the month of August, showcasing my most recent work. I've also thrown in some old gems because this is a very big venue!

Here's a link to the facebook event page: http://tinyurl.com/3gx5odo

I've been a fan of Cinema du Parc since back before it was closed down and re-opened. My most vivid memory of this place is when myself and 2 friends went to watch David Lynch's Inland Empire... We haven't been the same ever since!

There will be a vernissage in the second half of the month... Stay tuned for more info!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mark it Zero!

Mark it Zero!
Spray paint stencil'd on Skateboard

July 2011



It's the sale that keeps on selling!

A few years ago I sold a Mickey Mantle skateboard to a complete stranger...
This stranger's girlfriend commissioned me for a soccer player on a skateboard...
I was contacted by his best friend to make a Big Lebowski skateboard...

I don't think I've seen John Goodman in anything but Roseanne and The Big Lebowski...
I loved him in both and am honored to have been asked to paint him as this amazing character... Amazing scene to boot!


The next time it rains in your time zone you should watch The Big Lebowski...