Saturday, October 31, 2009

Decover Magazine

Decover Mag

The good people at Decover Magazine were nice enough to offer me a 2 page spot (pages 24 &25) in their Issue #2... Click here for their excellent website and then all you need to do is click on the "virtual magazine" link to check it out! It's also available in large printed format in select Montreal spots... see their website for details.

With the level of artwork featured... it's a real honor to be in there!

In the future, keep an eye out for Decover Magazine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


August 2009
24" X 30" (per panel)
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

A few summers ago The Roots came through Montreal to bless the stage as the opening act to a very late Erykah Badu who almost didn't even make it. The upside was that The Roots were asked to stick around and fill some stage time while we waited and so they did and provided an unplanned extra hour of magic.

This drunk picture is really blurry and I love it because of it... don't ask.

The painting is 8 feet wide in total and looks weird from close up but comes to life the more you back up from it... I was afraid that people wouldn't see it was a band, let alone which band, until a friend told me without knowing: "I really like the one of The Roots in the corner." Fear aborted.

Enjoy: Racines!

Monday, October 26, 2009

3 X Def

I have a new website!!
Please click this link to find more up to date work!

Thank you!!

3 X Def
July - August 2009
60" X 30" (per panel)
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

Here's the biggest project I've done to date... there isn't much to say about it... the orignial picture is a Triple 5 Soul add from the late 90's early 00's that i really liked. Mos Def has always kept things interesting and for this he will always be in my list of favorite artists.

These 3 pieces are too big to hang in my appartment (the photo above is photoshop magic...) so I was super excited to see them finally hanging next to one another at Foufounes Electriques for the whole of September after staring at them in a dusty corner for almost 2 months.

Derby Girl

I have a new website!!
Please click this link to find more up to date work!

Thank you!!

"Derby Girl"
June 2009
30" X 40"
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

There's a crazy phenomenon that goes on just 2-3 blocks away from my place on Saturdays during the Montreal Summer: Roller Derby!

Yes... it's coming right back... actually... it's safe to say that's it's been coming back and that now it IS back.

These events attracts all kinds of people who like beer, girls crashing into each other and other such fun-ness... Many photos are taken and I've used one of them I've found on the web to make this painting.

After some research and web-use I've found out that the girl in the picture is Dolly Destructo. She plays for the Chicks Ahoy in the Toronto Roller Derby circuit...

Also, I've found out that the photographer is Nicolas Charest and that he's not mad at me for using his photo without permission... now if only more people could put aside their ego's like that we'd all be doing much better. His website is

I enjoy this one a lot... and as an added bonus, it's appeared in the Hour Hitlist and will be included in a 2 page spread of my stuff in Decover Magazine Issue #2 out October 30th and availale for free in many Montreal spots.

Ok... enough name dropping...

Turn Off the X-Box

"Turn off the X-Box"
October 2009
24" X 48"
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

First of all: My parents are awesome. For my 30th they decided to have me make a custom piece for them. Obviously I accepted. Here's the result of two grown men still down to go play in the snow instead of couch potato'ing it up, a third grown man who still takes pictures of everything, and very supportive parents.

I invite anyone and everyone to put down to remote control, the joystick, controller pad, etc. and step outside for a moment... you won't regret it... I promise.

Original picture by Michael Berrigan AKA Geezer Manner.