Tuesday, October 27, 2009


August 2009
24" X 30" (per panel)
Spray Paint Stencilled on Canvas

A few summers ago The Roots came through Montreal to bless the stage as the opening act to a very late Erykah Badu who almost didn't even make it. The upside was that The Roots were asked to stick around and fill some stage time while we waited and so they did and provided an unplanned extra hour of magic.

This drunk picture is really blurry and I love it because of it... don't ask.

The painting is 8 feet wide in total and looks weird from close up but comes to life the more you back up from it... I was afraid that people wouldn't see it was a band, let alone which band, until a friend told me without knowing: "I really like the one of The Roots in the corner." Fear aborted.

Enjoy: Racines!

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