Saturday, November 27, 2010


Spray Paint Stencil'd on Canvas

30" X 40"

November 2010

I've often been asked what I look for in the pictures I use to make paintings. It's difficult to answer that question without disappointing since I never really look for anything in particular. This project, though, started with a specific vision.

This past August, I went for a walk in downtown Montreal looking for a spot I could sit in to simulate the first-person point of view of someone who sleeps on the street.

So I found this cute little alley with an open gate and sat in a pile of 2 year old yellowed newspapers and dried urine [coincidence?] and started snapping.
To adapt a well known saying: "Sometimes you have to sit in urine for your art."
A few months of thinking about it later, I got to making this vision happen and so... Here it is.

We tend to complain a lot.
Maybe we shouldn't.

As an unrelated [but kind of related] side-note, I'm currently reading "Lullabies for Little Criminals" by Canadian Novelist Heather O'Neill and would suggest you do the same. It's freaking amazing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Package Successfully Delivered

I have a new website!!
Please click this link to find more up to date work!

Thank you!!

Package Successfully Delivered

Finally, the logistics are taken care of, the "package has been successfully delivered" and I can now announce proudly that the sale of the Eyedea painting is done and that all the proceeds have gone to Kathy Averill, Michael's loving mother.

After weeks of working on getting the painting seen by as many people as possible on Ebay with the help of very unexpected and appreciated collaborators, I was finally contacted by someone who wanted to purchase it immediately for a price I would have been foolish to refuse.

The buyer in question has asked to remain anonymous and so his/her wishes are granted.

Initially, the time I had spent on the painting was going to be "my donation" and the money raised, whatever it would be, was going to be the physical manifestation of this. Never in a million years did I expect to be provided the opportunity to provide Kathy with a sum nearing the 4 figures and for that I am extremely proud.

Please don't misconstrue this post.
I am not in any way bragging about having "done a good deed" since that would significantly lessen it. I am simply keeping my readers [love you guys] posted about the progress and result of my latest endeavor.

One last time, please take a moment to visit the Eyedea page on Rhymesayers' website.

Until next time my friends.
Much love to you and yours.