Saturday, November 27, 2010


Spray Paint Stencil'd on Canvas

30" X 40"

November 2010

I've often been asked what I look for in the pictures I use to make paintings. It's difficult to answer that question without disappointing since I never really look for anything in particular. This project, though, started with a specific vision.

This past August, I went for a walk in downtown Montreal looking for a spot I could sit in to simulate the first-person point of view of someone who sleeps on the street.

So I found this cute little alley with an open gate and sat in a pile of 2 year old yellowed newspapers and dried urine [coincidence?] and started snapping.
To adapt a well known saying: "Sometimes you have to sit in urine for your art."
A few months of thinking about it later, I got to making this vision happen and so... Here it is.

We tend to complain a lot.
Maybe we shouldn't.

As an unrelated [but kind of related] side-note, I'm currently reading "Lullabies for Little Criminals" by Canadian Novelist Heather O'Neill and would suggest you do the same. It's freaking amazing.

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