Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Expo @ Entre le Cafe et la Plume

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Expo @ Entre le Cafe et la Plume
December 2011 - January 2012
123 Av. Mont Royal Ouest, Montreal, QC H2T 2S9

My friends at Entre le Cafe et la Plume were gracious enough to offer me their walls for this month of December going into early January.

Coffee lovers...

Here's a cool new spot at the foot of the mountain that has exactly what you're looking for...
Plus they are the only brewers of Verve coffee in town!
They've been open since the end of the summer and things are booming!
I was lucky enough to be called upon to design their logo and now I've got my creations on their walls... Couldn't be more grateful!

Take a stroll over and say hi!

It's really too bad the law prevents this little one from hanging out in the shop...
She's a heart melter...


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Untitled Skateboard

On Skateboard
23" X 8"
October 2011

What's the visual arts' equivalent to writer's block?
I don't know.
But the way to overcome it is simple enough:

Keep doing stuff...
Even if some of the stuff doesn't really make any sense...
Don't worry... someone else can make sense of what you're doing for you...



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alaclair Ensemble

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Alaclair Ensemble
24" X 48"
Spray Paint Stencil'd on Canvas
Done live at Repentigny Festival of Arts

Alaclair Ensemble is a crew of Quebec hip hop all-stars if I've ever seen one. Equipped with a sense of not taking themselves seriously while remaining extremely serious in their work ethic they bring a much needed new sound to the Quebec hip hop scene.

After creating a huge amount of buzz over the past year with participation in various festivals and playing shows all over the province, they come to us now with a Triple Album... think it's too much? Well... they've thought of that too... It's Free!

Get them all by clicking here.

Bump it loud and bump it often... PIU PIU!!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Blu & Exile

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Blu & Exile
16" X 7"
Spray paint on cardboard
September 2011

Not available - Given to Blu & Exile

To show my appreciation for their Below the Heavens album [2007] I made portraits of Blu & Exile and gave them to them after their recent Montreal appearance. Actually, in a haze of post show Belmont darkness I handed them both to Exile [didn't really get a chance to explain what they were either] and have no possible way to know if:

1- Blu actually got his...
2- Exile kept his...
3- They thought I was creepy...
4- They know I've just made a list about them...

A good deed is its own reward... or something like that...



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Mixed Medium on Recycled Canvas
48" X 24"
July 2011

I used to hate Batman...
Now he's my favorite.
The recent movies had nothing to do with it...
Things change dude.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reservoir Dogs

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Reservoir Dogs
Mixed Medium on Canvas
24" X 30"
July 2011

In 1994, a friend of mine, Tone, and his best friend were in France after a trip to Amsterdam and had some time to kill before their flight home. With them, was a friend whom they brought along from Amsterdam - Mr. Brown - who couldn't make the flight home with them. So they took Mr. Brown for a quick walk to give him a proper send off and then they were off to the movies. They decided to check out a movie from an up and coming American director who had been making a lot of noise in film festivals around the world with his first full length effort: Reservoir Dogs.

Still buzzing from their farewell to Mr.Brown, they sat down and enjoyed the now-classic opening scene for the first time. Immediately after the breakfast discussion about Madonna and tipping and such, once the title came up, Tone's best friend got up, disoriented, and said: "Wow! That was amazing... I definitely got my money's worth with that movie." It was only after Tone explained to him that it had only been 5-10 minutes and that the movie hadn't really started that he sat back down to actually watch the movie.


This brief anecdote, I think, is a great testament to the writor/director work of Quentin Tarantino and his complete mastery of natural dialogue. Anyone who may have tried their hand at writing will agree that natural dialogue is one of the most difficult things to simulate... and Tarantino makes it look easy.

This is my tribute to this classic film.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Cinema du Parc proudly presents:

The Stencil Art of Kevin McDermott

I couldn't be more exicted that Cinema du Parc, the best place to see independent cinema in Montreal will also be, for the month of August, showcasing my most recent work. I've also thrown in some old gems because this is a very big venue!

Here's a link to the facebook event page: http://tinyurl.com/3gx5odo

I've been a fan of Cinema du Parc since back before it was closed down and re-opened. My most vivid memory of this place is when myself and 2 friends went to watch David Lynch's Inland Empire... We haven't been the same ever since!

There will be a vernissage in the second half of the month... Stay tuned for more info!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mark it Zero!

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Mark it Zero!
Spray paint stencil'd on Skateboard

July 2011



It's the sale that keeps on selling!

A few years ago I sold a Mickey Mantle skateboard to a complete stranger...
This stranger's girlfriend commissioned me for a soccer player on a skateboard...
I was contacted by his best friend to make a Big Lebowski skateboard...

I don't think I've seen John Goodman in anything but Roseanne and The Big Lebowski...
I loved him in both and am honored to have been asked to paint him as this amazing character... Amazing scene to boot!


The next time it rains in your time zone you should watch The Big Lebowski...


Monday, July 4, 2011

Stephen's Run

Stephen's Run
Spray Paint Stencil'd on Cardboard
[plus other stuff]
12.5" X 12.5"
July 2011

Since I was asked to participate in the Mascara & Popcorn festival's art show, I decided to make a quick B-movie related piece... I like a lot of B-movies myself, but asked around for suggestions of movies to draw inspiration from. The standout choice, for some reason, was Logan's Run, a 1975 Sci-Fi flick. I'm not 100% sure if it qualifies as a B-movie in the classic sense, but I liked the idea enough to run with it. I watched it this afternoon while making this simple stencil of our beloved [read: not beloved] PM Stephen Harper. Then I proceeded to poke a hole through his hand so that I could install his Lifeclock.

Here's a 7 second video to give you the full Stephen's Run experience:

[The more astute viewers will have noticed that I accidentally - for real - included the halfnaked dancer from the party...]

For those of you who have seen Logan's Run, well, you know what happens next when the Lifeclock starts blinking. For those of you who haven't, well, instead of explaining, I think I'm just going to suggest you watch the movie and then you'll get the full extent what I'm trying to say here... I'm sorry... teach a man to fish!


If you can't see the humor in this you may have stumbled onto the wrong blog...
Maybe you were looking for this

The art show tonight was overall amazing! Great company. Great encounters. Great times. It's up until next Sunday the 11th at 129 rue de la Commune Est on the 4th floor. It's a week long silent auction so if anything you see here tickles your fancy then you can actually go and place a bid. Please contact the Mascara & Popcorn people for more info... I will not be able to answer your questions.

So without further ado, here are, in no particular order, pictures of my favorite pieces. These all deserve an "in person" look in my opinion...

Melissa Del Pinto's "Wanderlust" birds:
[just the frames are worth a look on their own]

Marie-Eve Proteau's custom TV set with canvas stretched over screen:

Cedric Taillon live painting & commission piece:

Mixed medium Superheroes by Siro:
[These things are 6+ feet tall and have custom metal stand up frames]

Once more thanks to Danika Bass and Florence for setting up the show and letting me throw my 2 cents in... Much appreciated!

Until next time boys and girls!


Mascara & Popcorn

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Mascara & Popcorn Festival

It's such an honor to have been asked to be in this group show!
I dropped off my paintings and was blown away by the other stuff that was already there...

[sorry mom]

How I can be considered in the same category as such amazing artists is beyond me [I am my worst critic!] and I feel flattered and honored to be on the bill.
I was unfortunately not able, time-wise, to make new stuff happen for the show so I've given them some older, cinema-related pieces... But you should 110% for sure come up the steps to Loft 4e and pop your head in the door to see what everyone else has created!

Big thanks to Danika Bass and her partner in crime Florence!


Here's the trailer for the festival:


Here's a copy/paste version of the facebook event page:

MASCARA AND POPCORN launches its festival with an Art Exhibit at Loft Le 4ème with local artists!

On Monday July 4th 2011, Mascara & Popcorn is proud to kick off its festival with an event at the renowned Loft Le 4ème that has become a cornerstone for art and culture in Montreal, marking the launch of the festival with hyperrealism, post modern horror, marrying abstract expressionism with a pop art sensibility. Beautiful, strange, troubling, obscure, deviant yet fragile. Mascara & Popcorn is a unique cultural happening that encourages experimental, thought-provoking, subversive art.

Come admire our talented artists, an event that will undoubtedly capture the spirit of the festival. Mascara & Popcorn through the eyes of:


Mascara & Popcorn embraces the power of art where reality and fiction collide. Drawings, paintings, collages, photography, objects, love, sadness and beauty. A sentimental journey through multidisciplinary art.

Vernissage et début de l’encan silencieux /
Expo-vernissage and beginning of silent auction

Musique live acoustique par / Acoustic live music by
Martin Saint

Rachel Bonneau Trio: Normand Guilbeault, contrebasse & Sylvain Provost, guitare

Prestation exclusive par / Exclusive performance by
Natalie D. Lovely (Hot Club Cabaret)

Portes ouvrent à 17hres / Doors open at 5pm

Hors d’oeuvres gracieuseté du El Zaziummm / Appetizers courtesy of El Zaziummm

Popcorn gracieuseté de Kernels / Popcorn courtesy of Kernels

Bière gracieuseté de Boris / Beer courtesy of Boris

Entrée gratuite / Free entrance

**5pm - 11pm **

Press contact: Danielle Bédard

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Kid gets a New Home

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Thank you!!

The Kid gets a New Home
[or "How I went to breakfast with Buck 65 & his wife, Emily"]

SHORT "facts only" VERSION:

I read on Buck 65's website that he's been super down because his hero, Gary Carter, is very sick.
I emailed him to offer my painting of Gary Carter in an attempt to lift his spirits.
On June 26th, I went to his Jazz Fest show at Club Soda.
The next morning I had breakfast with him and his wife.
She gave me a huge Schwartz's brisket.
I gave them my painting of Gary Carter.
We talked about baseball and other stuff.
Then my bike had a flat tire so I walked home.

LONG "overly dramatic" VERSION:

A few weeks ago, in the beginning of June, I was up late because I couldn't sleep. I grabbed my laptop and sat in the yard catching up on some updates from my favorite websites. In my half sleep I stumbled around the web and eventually navigated onto Buck 65's website, that, these days, seems to be predominantly of a personal blog with bonus info. There was a new post entitled 'Broken Shoulders' and this got my attention right away. "What's wrong with Buck?" I thought.

The post [link] spoke to me in a very personal way since I've been, and continue to be a huge baseball fan. It's a sport filled with little things: Superstition, strategy, secret codes, unwritten rules, smells, sounds, etc. So when Rich writes: "I am so deeply invested in baseball as a fan that when my favorite team or player loses or performs badly, it fills me with an honest-to-goodness despair that sometimes I have a hard time shaking" I understand 100% what he's talking about.

But here's what really got me:

He writes: "My next problem is that I found out last week that my childhood hero, Gary Carter is gravely ill. [...] I really love this man and this news troubles me in a profound way. It’s hard to express what Gary Carter has meant to me in my life. He’s my hero! I met him when I was 12 years old and he was the greatest guy you could imagine."

This got me thinking about my own relationship with baseball, with my own heroes, and how it feels when one of my heroes is facing his own mortality. Then I thought about the painting of Gary Carter that I made in March of 2009. That painting, old as it may be, remains one of my favorite and is probably the one that got me the most attention a few years ago when I was just starting. I have received so many comments about it and it has sparked so many impromptu Expos conversations that I have to believe that it's something special. In some way, I may not be where I am today had I not painted him then.

[Above: Me in March 2009... No idea where this is going to take me in 2011]

Being born in 1979, though, I never had the chance to experience Gary in his prime while he played in Montreal. By the time I was 9 and started to play ball, he was already with the New York Mets. Keeping that in mind, it remains impossible to be blind what he meant , and still means to the city of Montreal. So because I was too young, I never could really consider him a hero, but I do recognize him as a staple in Expos history and that's why, when I wanted to paint a tribute to the team, he's the first guy who came to mind.

Since then, the painting has been sitting in my office with a bunch of others and has been gathering dust for the past little while. So I figured I would seize this opportunity try to give it a new home and do something good at the same time.

In the relationship between fan and artist, it's usually very one-sided [excluding live shows, maybe]. The artist gives all and the fans take all. What I saw here was an opportunity to create a role reversal. Many times in the past, when I've been down in the dumps, I've referred back to Buck 65's vast music catalog in order to find some light get through a rough patch. I thought that if I offered him my painting of his hero, Gary, maybe this could help shine some light for him in his time of need. So I emailed him via his website and crossed my fingers.

A few days went by and I eventually got an answer from a very flattered Rich and, to my great pleasure, he was super excited to get his hands on the painting. In an email, he writes, "I just got your message and saw your painting. I can't believe it. It's so great. And if you want it to be rescued from collecting dust, I'd sure be happy to hang it on my wall [...] I look forward to shaking your hand." I can't really explain how psyched that made me. One of my favorite artists of all time was looking forward to shaking my hand... what? Long story short, we planned to meet at some point around the time he was scheduled to come play Montreal's Jazz Fest in the end of June.

The show was excellent. It's hard to describe but these pictures display pretty much what was going on: A very animated Buck on one side of the stage and a very calm, elegant Marnie on the other. In fact, there were times where it looked like they had some sort of bet where Rich would act silly and try to make her laugh while she sang her parts...

After the show I introduced myself to Emily, Rich's wife. The first thing she said to me is: "That's so cool, our cat's name is Kevin!" Can't say I expected that one. Only after she realized I was "the emailing man who had the Gary Carter painting" did we make arrangements to have breakfast the next day. I didn't have a chance to speak with Rich the night of the show.

So the next morning I biked over to their hotel and waited for them in the lobby. I don't really know what I was expecting when they first appeared from the elevator... but to have Emily open with, "Do you like brisket?" was definitely not a scenario that had crossed my mind. After clarifying for me, at my request, that brisket is a piece of uncut smoked meat, I answered "Yes, of course I like brisket." So she handed me a huge piece of meat from Schwartz's that a guy had given them the previous night. It seems they couldn't keep it with them due to having no portable refrigeration possibilities. Surprised? Confused? Grateful? All of the above and an overall good start...

Se we proceeded to go for breakfast across the street. Now, what do you talk about with someone who you've heard on record for almost 10 years and have of always wanted to talk to? You talk about baseball. You talk about trying to make it in this world as an artist. You talk about cats. You tell stories. You talk. Period. I learned a lot about him and gained perspective about myself as an artist as we discussed re-establishing the parameters of successes and failures over eggs and fruit.

The best moment was when I told him that my girlfriend's mother had rolled Gary Carter's perm back in the early 80's. The man in front of me, who has been responsible for many of my favorite moments ever in music, reduced in age to 12 years old and couldn't say anything but, "No! No! That's incredible!" Jaw dropped and eyes bulging. Good times.

After breakfast, we exchanged a few more pleasantries and each went our separate ways. He was off to film a live performance of "Final Approach" with Quebec's own Marie-Pierre Arthur for a local TV station and I had to go home to finish a graphic design contract. It was upon returning to my bike that I discovered I had a flat tire. That morning, I had had a thought about that before leaving... it went something like this: "Whatever, I'm going to meet Buck 65... I don't need the pump and spare tube I never leave home without... it's going to be fine."

So I walked all the way home...
But I must say, it didn't bother me all that much...


Rich and his wife are truly amazing people because of how simple they are. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share a meal and to hang out with them, if only for a little while. It's not given to everyone to have a chance to meet one of their favorite artists and for that I am truly grateful. I am even more grateful that Rich happened to be so approachable that not even 2 minutes into talking with him did I forget what he is and what he represents to better discover who he actually is. Not to mention, it's pretty cool that one of my paintings will now hang in his house... and that I've been able to provide him with a one of a kind tribute to his childhood hero.

So I guess the lesson here is to never stop reaching out to people... cause in the end, that's just what they are... people.

Take care friends... The best is yet to come.

P.S.: I'm sorry if this post is a little on the looooooooong side. In order to make it up a little bit... Here's some "making of" shots from 2009...


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Spray Paint Stencil'd on Canvas
24" X 24"
May 2011
[custom order]

This is Zoe.

A colleague from my old work place got in touch with me and asked me to paint her daughter. She sent me a few pictures of her and after a little back and forth to establish the right size as hammer out budget details I was able to put this together for her.

I'm super psyched that she's told me it looks perfect in the spot she had prepared for it in her house. If this gives anyone ideas for gifts and such, of course, feel free to contact me at my regular email address P.Summind@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing about your great project ideas.
Take care and have some fun on hump day!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Mixed Medium on Skateboard
32" X 8"

May 2011


I was sent a few pictures from around the world by my amazing friend Rachel in my last Open Call and I finally got around to using one of them. I've been meaning to for the longest time since she's been one of my very first supporters. The picture I've used was taken while she was living in Montreal a few years ago.

For this piece, I started with a blank deck that was originally stained yellow by the manufacturer. I cut out a shallow groove to create the illusion of a rectangular frame and then sanded the surrounding area down to its original wood grain color. Once this was done I painted inside the frame and stained outside of it. It was my first time ever using wood stain [it's never too late!] and I'm psyched to incorporate it in my work in the future.

I hope you all enjoy it. It's currently hanging at Studio Bizz Iberville at 2488 Mont-Royal East until the end of the month and then it's being shipped out to Rachel who's decided she had to have it as soon as she saw it.

Of course, in the future, or present, if you'd like to send me your pictures you may continue to do so at any time at P.Summind@gmail.com. As usual, there's not guarantee I will use them but I'm always happy to receive random images from people and see what can be done. Thanks in advance for playing along!

On that note, take care of yourselves and loved ones and have yourselves a wonderful week. Don't be shy to share this blog with your friends & leave comments on the posts.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Les Eaux

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Les Eaux
Spray Paint on Re-Used Canvas

20" X 28"
May 2011

There's something about some urban structures that just sticks to your eyeballs and it's hard to understand why that is. For example, sitting in the Mile End hood of Montreal, there's this old, abandoned looking building with a huge water reservoir on it. I wasn't able to find any information about this particular building but I did find dozens and dozens of user uploaded pictures of it which leads me to believe that I'm not the only one who's interested in it. It "looks" abandoned but honestly, whenever I used to walk/jog/bike by there, I always had the impression that there might still be some buzzing in the beehive.

I used to live 2 minutes away from this spot and also used to bring my dog Umaa to a secret dog park right by it on a regular basis [Plateau & Mile End residents know it as the bridge burner spot]. So I, myself, also have an abundance of pictures of this building and had always wanted to paint it properly. And now here we are.

****** BONUS ROUND ******

Once again, without further ado, here's the abridged version of the "making of" for those cats out there who dig the process!

Re-use of an old Obama painting I had made in November 2008 [My friend's 1 of 2 copy of this piece has now become 1 of 1!]:

He's a tough guy... just won't go away without a fight:

Sky colors:

Doesn't look like much yet... I agree:

Let's stick a building in there:

More steps, more cutting:

Starting to look like something:

How about a fire hydrant in there:

[some steps missing]
And then one last layer of black to make it all come together:

So here we are!

This painting as well as all of my most recent, unreleased work can be seen for the whole month of June at Studio Bizz Iberville [2488 Mont-Royal Est]. Keep your eyes and ears open for a mid-month vernissage or maybe even a
"taking down the art show" event!
Who knows!

It's a gloomy day in Montreal but that doesn't mean that nothing can be done... It's a perfect day for making coffee and revisiting a novel you've already read or have been meaning to read. I would suggest something by Kafka, Welsh or Orwell.

If you're not in the reading mood then I would suggest watching "La Haine." I will leave you with the trailer and hope you enjoy the rest of this Sunday!

P.S.: When I was 18 or so, Vincent Cassel from La Haine was my doppelganger! Random!

Take care and go make some love today.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Escorting Superman

Escorting Superman
Silkscreen on Cardboard
10.5" X 18.5"
April 2011

I've started this blog post 4 times and have erased what I'd written each time...

It's very difficult, nearing impossible for me to talk about this silkscreen poster. I can't find words that do justice to how it felt for me to watch over the person who watched over me my whole life in his last hours. The ultimate role reversal.

So I'll use an old literary device: show rather tell.

Naturally, I don't think this piece can speak to anyone quite as much as it does to me. But it's possible that some people will recognize themselves in this one... So I share this with you.


Plus que des Barbeaux

This piece is part of a poster expo called "Plus que des Barbeaux." It's currently up in Lachine at 2901 St-Joseph. The place is open for visitors on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I went by yesterday and must say, if you're into silkscreen stuff... it's worth a visit. It's on until June 19th.

There are 34 different, original posters [6-7 copies of each have been made for the show], all of which can be purchased for 20$. For the copies that will not have been purchased during the show, you may contact me [for mine - above] or the individual artists since we are all being given the remaining copies post-expo.

All the posters were designed by the individual artists are then silkscreen'd by the good people at Moniker Designs.

Here are, in no particular order, some of my favorites from the show:

Clio Honig:

Jason Wasserman:




Jimmy Baptiste [co-organizer]:

As usual, I hope this finds you well.
Don't forget people, father's day is coming up.
If you still have your dad... call him, visit him, hang out with him...
It means the world to him.