Sunday, June 12, 2011

Les Eaux

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Les Eaux
Spray Paint on Re-Used Canvas

20" X 28"
May 2011

There's something about some urban structures that just sticks to your eyeballs and it's hard to understand why that is. For example, sitting in the Mile End hood of Montreal, there's this old, abandoned looking building with a huge water reservoir on it. I wasn't able to find any information about this particular building but I did find dozens and dozens of user uploaded pictures of it which leads me to believe that I'm not the only one who's interested in it. It "looks" abandoned but honestly, whenever I used to walk/jog/bike by there, I always had the impression that there might still be some buzzing in the beehive.

I used to live 2 minutes away from this spot and also used to bring my dog Umaa to a secret dog park right by it on a regular basis [Plateau & Mile End residents know it as the bridge burner spot]. So I, myself, also have an abundance of pictures of this building and had always wanted to paint it properly. And now here we are.

****** BONUS ROUND ******

Once again, without further ado, here's the abridged version of the "making of" for those cats out there who dig the process!

Re-use of an old Obama painting I had made in November 2008 [My friend's 1 of 2 copy of this piece has now become 1 of 1!]:

He's a tough guy... just won't go away without a fight:

Sky colors:

Doesn't look like much yet... I agree:

Let's stick a building in there:

More steps, more cutting:

Starting to look like something:

How about a fire hydrant in there:

[some steps missing]
And then one last layer of black to make it all come together:

So here we are!

This painting as well as all of my most recent, unreleased work can be seen for the whole month of June at Studio Bizz Iberville [2488 Mont-Royal Est]. Keep your eyes and ears open for a mid-month vernissage or maybe even a
"taking down the art show" event!
Who knows!

It's a gloomy day in Montreal but that doesn't mean that nothing can be done... It's a perfect day for making coffee and revisiting a novel you've already read or have been meaning to read. I would suggest something by Kafka, Welsh or Orwell.

If you're not in the reading mood then I would suggest watching "La Haine." I will leave you with the trailer and hope you enjoy the rest of this Sunday!

P.S.: When I was 18 or so, Vincent Cassel from La Haine was my doppelganger! Random!

Take care and go make some love today.


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