Wednesday, February 4, 2009


January 2009
12" X 36"

Ross Campbell is a man I've never met personally, but he's nonetheless someone I find incredibly inspirational, and so should you.

Being a ski patroller for ten years, he has always been there to help ski and snowboard enthusiasts enjoy their favorite pass-time safely, but that was only the beginning. Later on, he and his team's mission was to seek and discover new areas to ride as well as make sure they were safe enough, so, in reality, he was risking his life to push the boundaries of the sport he loved.

In March 2007, disaster struck when he was crushed under what on-lookers described as "a wall of snow" and thrown off a 40-meter cliff. Miraculously alive, the multiple injuries he suffered included a cracked skull, a broken neck and ribs as well as many other less serious inflictions. Soon after being rescued by friends and rushed to the hospital, his slow and steady recovery began. His head secured by a metallic halo, he kept a positive attitude throughout and the love and support of friends and family helped him regain full physical capacity in time to walk down the aisle, barefooted, the following winter. This is more than remarkable for a man who, doctors have said, shouldn't have survived such an accident, let alone walk again.

The short, intense series of events this man has been through since that fateful winter day displays perfectly how fragile life is and yet, how incredibly strong and resilient human beings can be when faced with the unthinkable and surrounded by those close to them.

In order to share Ross' survival story, I've made a painting in his honor. It was unveiled for the first time on February 3rd, at Casa Del Popolo. The original picture was taken by Ross' brother in law and close friend of mine, Michael Berrigan.

Click here to be redirected to the original article from the Canmore Leader, dated April 4th, 2007.

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