Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have a new website!!
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"SkrambleLock"January 200915" X 30"Canvas

Marc Sakalauskas is a B-Boy who represents a seemingly dying breed: the lockers. For anyone in doubt, locking is the close, often overlooked brother of popping. Many people tend to put both styles together as popping and locking when they're describe what is actually only popping. Combining flexibility, creativity, uptempo explosiveness and funk, locking is still quite alive across the globe and Marc is making Montreal, and Canada very proud. His sick demo reel can be seen here. This is the painting that I've made of him as a custom order. In the piece, ironically, he's pictured doing a freeze, which has nothing to do with locking at all...

Also worth mention: this piece was pictured in the January 29th edition of the Montreal Mirror announcing the Vernissage of February 3rd.

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