Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Kid

"The Kid"
March 2009
20" X 24"
Spray Paint on Wood

On March 20th 2009, Off The Hook, a Montreal clothing store hosted it's latest Munny Show. The event showcased a variety of Munny toys customized in various styles by local artists and the theme this time was "Montreal."

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, the organizer also invited artists to showcase other types of artwork that was Montreal related. Not having time to create my own Munny toy, I felt it would be fitting to pay tribute to what Montreal meant for me during the first 22 years of my life (before moving here): The Expos.

This is a painting of Gary Carter I made this week and I believe it displays exactly the undying love Montreal fans have for their players. The Montreal fans are like no others and I still get a little nostalgic whenever I see people sporting Expos hats and jerseys many years after their sad departure to Washington.

This is a shot of Tim Barnard at the Munny Show. He's an amazing artist who I was happy to catch up with since I had not seen him in a long time. We met in 2005 when he designed the artwork for my old band's 2nd album. I'm always happy to promote him any way I can.

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