Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inspecteur Epingle Show

Inspecteur epingle Show

It is with great (last minute) pleasure that I invite you all to my current art expo.

Having been asked to put this on 2 weeks before hand, I didn't have time to prepare and host a vernissage or to make this a big event but my artwork will nonetheless be on display at Inspecteur Epingle (4051 St-Hubert, corner Duluth) for the next 4-5 weeks.

Always hard at work, I've been able to produce about a dozen new pieces worth seeing since my expo last February so if you've seen that one, you may still want to drop by for a look see... and if you missed the first one... well then it's all new for you!

No rush since there's no event planned and I have at least 2 more month long shows planned in June and September, but if ever you're in the neighborhood... go check it out!

Pictured above is my most recent piece: The Road Home.

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