Sunday, December 14, 2008

Various Sin City Panels

"Various Sin City Panels"
December 2008

I'm not going to pretend to be an old school purist who's been down with Frank Miller since forever. Truth be told, I had never heard of him before I went to see the first Sin City movie. Blown away, I proceeded to read all 7 Sin City graphic novels within a week and have loved the style since.
Recently, I was bored and felt like making larger canvases of some panels I particularly liked. These are not pieces I consider "mine" since I took the images from Miller in their entirety, but I do consider them "mine" in the sense that I've given them life on canvas and hang them on my wall to provide inspiration and decoration.
The sizes are as follows:
Cliff Toss: 16" X 20"
Gas Can Toss: 8" X 16"
Hang Man: 16" X 8"

September 2008

This is the first Sin City piece I made for the same reason as the ones above: boredom and love of the style.


  1. Could you explain some rationale for the different types of panels in A Hard Goodbye.

  2. Hi. Honestly there wasn't any real rationale. I fell in love with Sin City at first sight... I wanted to make some panels for myself and decided on these, in no particular order. My main concern was that they lend themselves well to the stencil style... This was a while ago and if I were to re-do something like this... I wonder which ones I would settle on...
    Thanks for sponsoring this trip down memory lane for me!