Monday, June 21, 2010

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CO Exhibitions Presents:
Wings & Teeth: The Art of Doomtree

This is a brand spanking new spot in Minneapolis, MN and for their inaugural event they've decided to showcase art that relates to the hip hop group Doomtree. The show is meant to be a retrospective of everything that has been created for and by the artists of Doomtree.

I feel extremely honored to be able to be a part of this great moment by having 2 of my paintings displayed at the event. When POS came through Montreal with Dessa this past March or April [I forget] I used the opportunity to give them these pieces I made of them. The rest is history [of art?]

Here are my POS and Dessa [click on the names for more info on these amazing artists]:

The original pictures I used are by Dan Monick [POS] and Bo Hakala [Dessa].
They're both very talented and you should definitely check them out!

Also, click here for more info on CO Exhibitions and click here for an article about the event in CityPages.

While we're at it... I'd like to remind everyone [or tell you for the first time] that Dessa will be swinging by Montreal on the 1st of July for a Jazz Fest appearance. Click here for more info.

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