Thursday, August 5, 2010

pockets empty, canvas loaded

In this world of Facebook events happening every 5 minutes...
It's sensory overload and, for the most part, events get a 'maybe attending' and get forgotten...
Then once in a while an event hits you when you're not yet awake and you actually look at it...

Here's an event created by Mary Musyl:

It's happening in Sterling Il.
I have no idea where that is but the idea is dope:

The artist requests that you donate a school supply in lieu of admission. (Markers, lined paper, scissors, and pencils are the items which are most needed, though all donations are greatly appreciated.) All donations will benefit Sterling schools.

So what it's far away... it's a great idea... Period.

So I took it upon myself to contact Mary and get her address so that I could send her some supplies even though I'm obviously not gonna show up... I mean... I don't even know where this town is!

Pictured above is the care package filled with goodies for her kids as well as herself [for being so awesome] she will get in the mail... The jet pack looked like it needed a little soul so I put Buck 65 on it!

Anyway... long story short... I suggest you do the same and mail her kids some school supplies... it's back to school time and everything is super cheap... remember... cheap for you can relate to 'too expensive' for someone else... it's time to give a shout out to less fortunate people who are killing to learn... but can't afford the stuff they need...

Email me at and I will provide you the mailing address... I figure it would lack friendliness to post her address online...

The bottom line is: making a difference is easier than it looks.

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